Welcome to agrena, Part of the RAMSAK Group

Farm and Landowners have always been good neighbours to one another but the idea of a co-operative to help share farming resources has emerged more recently. In the late 1980s, groups of farmers all over the country set up self help organisations called ‘Machinery Rings’.  As the business has grown, so have the diversity of services offered, developing the company in to a business offering services to all rural and land-based businesses and properties, resulting from a move away from the machinery ring towards a farming and rural co-operative, now known as 'agrena'.  Our aim is to provide a one-stop shop for all agricultural and rural services covering the counties of Kent, East and West Sussex, and Eastern Surrey.

Rural business is a community under huge financial pressures and only by working together can we survive. agrena  is unique in its range of products and services available across the South East of England (and further afield) in that it is owned by its members who live and work where the business covers.  An enormous plus for our members are the dedicated team who know their members, this is no faceless or nameless service.  Every year we see further consolidation within the rural economy it so important that Ramsak has created such a strong and diverse business to support them with cost savings across almost every supply, input and service required.

Pitchfork events is another subsidiary of RAMSAK Ltd.  Pitchfork manages a number of successful events; including The Farmers Ball and the new event for the wine industry, Viti-Culture.  More details are within the events part of this website and Viti-Culture has it's own dedicated website: www.viti-culture.com

On our website, you will see information on the many of the rural services and commodities that we have to offer and more details of the events that we hold.