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Welcome to RAMSAK

Thank you for your interest in RAMSAK, The Ring of Agricultural Machinery in Sussex and Kent, which covers the South East of England.

Farmer and Landowners have always been good neighbours to one another but the idea of a co-operative to help share farming resources has emerged more recently. In the late 1980s, groups of farmers all over the country set up self help organisations that today we call ‘Machinery Rings’.

RAMSAK covers the counties of Kent, East and West Sussex, and Eastern Surrey, although we do have Members in other parts of the country as well. The Ring’s computer system presents the work co-ordinator with data starting with the nearest supplier. Using this system minimizes travelling time and is the fairest and most effective way to apportion work.

Although the core business will always be centred around improved utilization of farm machinery and skilled labour, RAMSAK has continually developed the services on offer from Members and the above only forms part of the wide range of services and products available to Members. It is hoped to provide a one-stop shop for all agricultural and rural services in time.

RAMSAK are the main organisers of Agri-Expo (SE) THE Land based Industry Show for the South East, in conjunction with Kent Agricultural Society, Media Partner South East Farmer Magazine.

In our site, you'll see many of the rural services that RAMSAK have on offer.

South East Agri-Expo Equi Expo
Agri Traffic Regulations

Latest News


We produce a monthly newsletter for our Members called The RAMSAK Rag, which keeps them up to date with that is happening in the Ring whilst promoting new services. You can download the latest edition by clicking here.

Please click here to go to our snow clearance / gritting site for details on how you can benefit from these service provided by our Members.

Snow Clearance in Kent

Directors & Officers

ChairmanHugh Goldsworthy
Company SecretaryJonathan West
DirectorAndrew Pierce
DirectorSimon Bourner
DirectorFred French
DirectorDuncan Pierce
DirectorJames Wallis
DirectorJames Forknall
Ring ManagerAngus Campbell
AdministratorKaren Wheeler
Field OfficerChris Smith
Field OfficerRosie Manning
Admin / Marketing AdministratorLynsey Reeves

Machinery & Other Items


We offer the facility to sell items from our members. Click here to see our current machinery list. If you'd like more details of what's available please contact the Ring office on 01622 815356 or use the form below.


We have a number of items wanted by RAMSAK Members; if you have any items of interest for sale please call us on 01622 815356 or click here.

Hay & Straw Supply

The Ring is actively involved with the sourcing and supply of hay, straw, silage and haylage on behalf of Members.

Supplies available from Members will come in all different sized bales. RAMSAK’s Members have supplied hay and straw all over the country to fellow Members and other Machinery Rings as well.

If you have any hay or straw that you would like RAMSAK to sell on your behalf or are looking for supplies, please call the office on 01622 815356 or click here


Please click on the link to go to the RAMSAK office supplies website where Members can purchase all types of office and janitorial supplies with next day free delivery on all orders over £40.00+VAT

If you experience any problems with accessing this site, please call the Ring Office on 01622 815356.

For the Latest Special Offers that might be available to RAMSAK Members, please call the Ring office on 01622 815356

Members are consistently saving money by ordering their fuel through the Ring, call us now to find out more on 01622 815356


RAMSAK does not consider itself a buying group, but on the request of our ever growing membership we have added services and supplies to our portfolio.

As well as having a large comprehensive register of machinery and labour availability, we have an ever-growing range of supplies available to our members ranging from Fuel (Gas Oil, Derv and Kerosene) Fencing Materials, Tyres and Lubricants.

We also have members who can service your boiler, negotiate electricity contracts or quote for your insurance needs ! In fact most services that you may ever need as a rural business.


This section is for Members to be able to make an enquiry online for a job to be sorted; for them to send in a work sheet by booking a job; and also an opportunity for them to update their service list.

Job Enquiry

Book a Job

Service Update

Frequently Asked Questions

Background Information to the Ring

What is a Machinery Ring?
The Ring is a co-operative society of farmers together with agricultural and rural businesses who have the aim of reducing machinery and labour costs. The Supplier benefits by spreading his machinery costs over a larger area and the Demander is able to reduce his capital investment in labour and machinery, while at the same time having up to date equipment when he needs it. The idea of Machinery Rings is far from new, they have been operating in Europe since the early 1950s.

How does a Machinery Ring operate?
A Member requiring a particular service contacts the local Ring office, who in return contacts Suppliers until he finds one available to carry out the work. The Supplier contacts the Demander and they arrange for the work to be done. A Member can request a specific Supplier or state who he does not wish to use.

Does RAMSAK cater for all types of farming and rural business?
R.A.M.S.A.K. caters for all areas of farming and rural business regardless of acreage, crop types, or other parameter. The Ring does a large amount of work throughout the year for Arable, Livestock, Fruit and Veg farms together with work for other Rural businesses like Amenity works, Estate works, deliveries etc etc. It is hoped that the Ring can cover pretty much whatever it is asked with at least one Member offering the required service.

How is payment arranged?
When a Member has completed work on another Member’s farm or business premises, he fills in a work schedule ticket which is sent to the Ring office. A computerised system at the main office raises a self billing invoice on behalf of the Supplier and an invoice is sent to the Demander. Members have an agreement that enables collection of monies due from the Demander at 14 days by Direct Debit, and payment to the Supplier by credit transfer at 28 days. (RAMSAK charges a levy on transactions between Members which is invoiced at the same time.)

How much do members charge each other?
The Ring office is able to give guidance on the going rate for the job, but it is up to Demander and the Supplier to negotiate the final price to reflect the variety of working conditions. The rules require that Suppliers, if they quote a rate for a service outside the ring, work at their most competitive within the Ring.

Does my insurance company cover me as a supplier?
Members must advise their Insurance Company that they may be undertaking work through the Ring. Most Insurance Companies view the use of farmers’ machinery for Ring work as part of everyday farming activity. It is a requirement that all machines are sent out properly guarded and that operators hold the appropriate Certificates of Competence where applicable.

What happens if there is a dispute?
Disputes between Members are not common, but when the unforeseen does happen, the Ring Manager will suggest a solution. Failing that, an aggrieved Member may take the dispute to the Board of Directors, whose decision is final.

How much does it cost?
Every Member owns one share in RAMSAK Ltd. These cost £50.00 each and are not transferable or refundable. Members pay an annual subscription; there are three different Membership types.

Full Membership£130 +VAT
Agency Membership£75 +VAT
Self Employed Labour Membership£50 +VAT

Membership can be seen as either a cost effective form of annual advertising, reaching a large and specialised market, or an insurance against mechanical breakdown. In reality, most Members find they can take advantage of both benefits at some stage.

How does a contractor benefit?
The Ring gives access to a wide range of customers and assists in the collection of money. To be paid within 28 days is a benefit in today's difficult economic climate. The Contractor is still free to work outside the Ring and he has the added advantage to call on the Ring to cover seasonal peaks, breakdowns and the need for additional skilled labour.

Further Information

Please click here to send us an email, or click here to download our brochure.

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