Our History

RAMSAK Ltd was set up as a result of previous successes in 1990 by a small group of farmers with the idea of pooling resources for the benefit of all members. The idea was to form a large group to cover Kent, East and West Sussex and Eastern Surrey.

From the initial small group in 1990, it has grown in size to what we have today with over 600 members. As well as the original concept of sharing machinery through a hub, we offer many other services from amenity works right through commodities, such as chemical, fuel and fertilser, plant hire, service company work to Whole Farm Contracts. It is clear that the Group has progressed to offering a range of services that far surpassed what was originally planned from its early roots solely as a machinery ring. The company has now developed into a member owned co-operative offering a one stop shop for all rural landowners and land based businesses with a vast range of products and services.