RAMSAK agrena is actively involved with the sourcing and supply of all types of forage including hay, straw, silage, haylage and fodder beet through our established, nationwide network of Members.  Members have supplied hay and straw to both the domestic and european markets, and we were one of the most successful exporters of hay, haylage and silage to Ireland during the desperate 2012 forage crisis and once again in 2018.  We keep an up to date, comprehensive database of forage available and required.  Supplies available from Members will come in all different sized bales. RAMSAK’s agrena Members supply forage to our national and international network of purchasers.

If you have any forage that you would like RAMSAK agrena to sell on your behalf or are looking for supplies, please call the office on 01622 815356 or e mail us on

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Forage For Sale and Wanted

2018 Forage Ad

For Sale Throughout the South East in Various Sized Bales


Organic Hay

Lucerne / Alfalfa

Meadow Timothy Hay

Clover / Rye Grass



Rape Straw

Wheat Straw

Barley Straw

Oat Straw




RAMSAK is always looking for good quality forage of all types for our network of buyers.


Please contact the RAMSAK agrena Office on 01622 815356 or your Field Officer for up to date availability and requests.